Greetings from Tanzania

Deus and Ezena Kanunu

Dear Fellow Ministers in Christ Jesus!

We appreciate the opportunity to share the Tanzania for Christ Story with you, and let you know something about our ministry in Tanzania. Our lives have been significantly enhanced as the Lord has brought us together as fellow ministers and messengers of Christ and His glorious Kingdom.

When you and I pass from this earth, one supreme question will stand. That question is what did we do that really mattered; did I live as a change-agent letting Christ's transforming power work through me? In order to live a life that encourages us to answer a question like this, we need co-laborers in our journey in Christ who are asking themselves these kinds of questions.

Tanzania for Christ is about partnering with the Evangelical churches, whose main objective is to win lost souls to Jesus Christ and get them involved in a local church through Film Evangelism, Audio Ministry, and Leadership conferences ministries in Tanzania. The expectation is to see the largest number of people won to Christ in the shortest amount of time and become disciples and worshipers of Him.

We recognize that God is building many significant organizations, and speaking and doing wonderful, life-changing things through other individuals and groups within the Body of Christ. However, our responsibility in Tanzania for Christ is to follow His specific purposes for us in our generation. Our testimony is that it is a delight to be joined together in Christ as we do these things! If you and those you lead have not yet found your place of belonging in the larger Body of Christ to reach the lost people to Jesus Christ, my Father God speed you on your journey. Who knows, that journey might lead in our direction.

Together in the task,

Deus & Ezena Kanunu
Founders and Directors