The Importance of Native Missionaries in Reaching Tanzania for Christ

For about five years now, our ministry have been coordinating Pastors Conferences and Leadership seminars for some of the church leaders in Tanzania. Many church leaders have been benefiting much from these seminars through the teachings. Through these seminars and conferences, we have learned that many pastors in Tanzania have faced many different challenges. Some of these challenges have contributed to them not fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by reaching the unreached. One of their main challenges is support.

The Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) challenges us to "make disciples." In all areas around the world, Christians desperately need to be nurtured and trained in the faith. However, there are many that have not even heard a clear gospel presentation! It is estimated today that 89 percent of unreached people groups live in countries closed to traditional missionary activities. In other words, though western missionaries can be found in almost every country in the world, in many places they must work undercover and consequently are limited.

God is rising up national missionaries to carry the message to their own people and to minister to their needs. In many ways, nationals have distinct advantages in being missionaries in their native land. Due to this reason and the challenges facing the pastors in Tanzania, our ministry has decided to develop a program of supporting national pastors and church leaders to reach nationals. There are some reasons why we ask people like you to support native missionaries to reach people living in different countries?

Our ministry desires to be a bridge between you, churches or any other organizations around the world and native missionaries to reach unreached people in Tanzania. Our prayer is that, churches and people everywhere will partner with Tanzania for Christ Ministries to reach the lost souls to Jesus Christ. One significant way of helping nationals is through training, seminars, and conferences. We would like to set up a training /discipline center in Tanzania to teach national Christians how to preach and live the gospel before their people. Would you like to partner with us to support the native missionaries in Tanzania? Please write Deus and Ezena Kanunu at Contact us.